3 Reasons Why You Want to Become an Independent Agent

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Do you want a job with flexibility, where you get to help people, and with solid earnings potential? Then you want to become an independent agent. Insurance agents do a lot more than merely sell insurance. They do marketing and networking, as well as maintaining records and research prospects. The reward for hard work is being your own boss and working on your own terms. You’ll develop soft skills including emotional intelligence, rapport-building, and both verbal and non-verbal communication. If you are a go-getter, then you will find becoming an independent insurance agent a challenging, but rewarding career. Here are the top 3 reasons why you want to become an independent agent.

Why to Become an Independent Agent?

  1. Make a Difference

Insurance agents help people prepare for the future. One of the biggest responsibilities and opportunities insurance agents have to make a difference is the chance to help protect individuals and families through the use of insurance products. For some clients that might mean saving for retirement and college for their kids, but as an insurance agent, you will also help prepare clients for unfortunate events and provide a measure of comfort.

Every person has financial responsibilities, from caring for a spouse or children to obligations to creditors, and often a combination of the two. As an insurance agent, you can guide your clients’ decisions on what insurance policy plans best suit their individual needs. The research you do and recommendations you provide have a real impact on a client’s future financial well-being. Your guidance can help clients with products that can provide benefit payments in the event of a client’s death, disability, or unforeseen critical illness. These products provide life-changing protection and make a difference in the lives of a client’s friends and family.

As an insurance agent, you will have the chance to become a trusted and respected source of knowledge in your community, building relationships that have long-lasting benefits. To be a good insurance agent, you need to be comfortable talking about uncomfortable situations in the abstract, and then dealing with them if and when those situations come.

While no one wants disaster to strike, it’s better to be prepared. When someone dies unexpectedly, the insurance death benefit can help the deceased’s family members continue, without struggling financially. If a client becomes disabled or is diagnosed with a critical illness, the insurance benefits you recommended and sold can remove at least the financial strain. Knowing that you did your part to enhance the lives of your clients during a difficult time is a great reward.

  1. Great Flexibility

If the 9 to 5 lifestyle isn’t for you, you will enjoy the vast amount of flexibility that insurance sales offers. No more punching a clock, and finding busy work to fill up your day. Instead, you will control your own schedule, being able to vary your appointment times with some evenings and weekends. Not only does the flexibility benefit yourself, but your clients will also appreciate being able to accommodate their schedules. You might find yourself with a free weekday to schedule personal appointments, enjoy activities, or run errands.  

Of course, your success as an insurance agent will be determined by the effort that you put into your work. Be careful not to mistake flexibility with an opportunity to not work. Success still requires putting in the necessary hours to help your clients, but if you have a personal appointment or other non-work obligation, you can arrange your schedule to accommodate what’s most important to you.  

Being able to plan your own schedule isn’t the only kind of flexibility insurance agents can enjoy. Independent agents also have the flexibility to sell a large variety of products, allowing you to better match your clients’ needs with the best fitting products. Helping clients find the best products for them also allows you to gradually earn their trust.

  1. Earning Potential

The earnings of an insurance agent are highly individual, depending on the types of products sold and the amount of work put in, but the earning potential is high for motivated agents to earn a comfortable living. While it can take time to build a roster of clients, there is great potential in the long term. The top ten percent of insurance agents in the United States earn more than $128,000 annually.

While there are no guarantees in any industry, it is hard to imagine a future where insurance isn’t needed, which means the insurance industry is here to stay. Becoming an insurance agent has a low barrier to entry, which also makes it a good career choice for people who are transitioning into a new career or experiencing a major life change.

Another perk to being an insurance agent is the variety of work. If you find monotony unappealing, insurance is a good place for you as many agents love the variety of work they enjoy. While there are some tasks that need to be done on a regular basis, agents are constantly meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals.

At ASPECT Management our mission is to provide agents with exceptional support and build long-term relationships. As a Senior Market focused company, we provide insurance agents with incredible offerings of insurance carriers and products. Contact us today to see how our innovative solutions lead to more customer opportunities.

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