4 Steps for Selling and Retaining Clients

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Finding new ways to increase revenue is always top of mind when you work in sales, and that includes insurance agents. When it comes to growing sales, many agents are so focused on gaining new clients and customers that they fail to effectively address the need to retain those they already have. The strange thing is, we know that it costs more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. Returning customers are also more likely to spend more than your first-time customers. Which means that one of the easiest ways to grow your business is to keep your existing customers coming back year after year. Selling and retaining clients is crucial to your business’ growth, that’s why treating your customers, remembering to surprise and delight them, is such a critical step.

Say Thank You

Customers like to feel appreciated and saying thank you goes a long way. While saying thank you might sound like a simple step, and an obvious one at that, there are actually a variety of ways that you can show customer appreciation. Start by saying thank you in person, at the end of a conversation as you are thanking a customer for trusting you with their business. You can send a follow-up thank you email message, or even better a handwritten thank you card. It might sound old-fashioned, but sending a handwritten note is unique and will set you apart in today’s digital world.

Keep In Touch

It’s important to reach out to your customers on a regular basis, and not only when it’s time for them to renew their policy. Communication can include email, newsletters, and physical letters. Customers want to hear from you, and things like a newsletter don’t need to be particularly long. Newsletters improve brand awareness and help you build relationships. Keep the copy short with an easy-on-the-eyes design. Communication doesn’t need to be strictly digital. Birthday cards or postcards in the mail go a long way with clients. Pick an obscure holiday, like chocolate cake day, to send a special note to customers and you are bound to be remembered. Sending regular post-purchase communications tells clients that you care about more than just selling, that you are genuinely interested in their well-being.

Ask For Customer Feedback

If you want to understand why people are doing what they are doing, just ask them. Asking for feedback shows clients that you are invested in your business and looking for ways to improve. It gives you the information you need straight from the source. Customers have options when it comes to their insurance purchase, and responding well to customer feedback is a great way to retain your clients. Customer feedback can be invaluable for your business and is a great way to build trust with clients.

Two ways to get customer feedback are surveys and by reaching out directly. If you choose to use surveys, make sure to keep them short. Only ask the questions that you will use, and it’s best to start with open-ended questions. Asking for feedback directly can happen in person or over the phone. You might choose to ask for feedback in a one-on-one setting or put together a group gathering.

Insurance agents also need to keep their eye on online review sites. As a small business, review sites can give you a greater online presence. They also have a great impact on consumer decision making. Make sure that you are checking your online review frequently; this will ensure that you respond to any feedback that needs a response in a timely manner. Reach out to reviewers and participate with them.

Surprise and Delight

Fast, friendly, and consistent customer service should be your gold standard. When you help customers get the best policies for them you are building a loyal, repeat customer. Sending a small gift to your most loyal customers can be a great way to keep your business on their mind while adding a little element of surprise and delight. Giving an unexpected gift also plays to the law of reciprocity, which refers to our tendency to respond to a positive action with another positive action.

As the senior market specialist, ASPECT Management knows that retaining clients is the easiest way for you to grow your business. Our goal is to provide agents with the products, incentives, and support they need to allow them to better focus on servicing their clients. Contact us today to see how we can support you!

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