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Ask the Senior Market Specialist

Why ASPECT Management?
We are looking to partner with agents and carriers interested in working together long term, and not just for one transaction. We want to know you – and we want you to know us.

What makes you different from your competitors?
We provide a strong combination of competitive products and incentives. Our portfolio of products allows agents the newest and best products available, providing them the resources to fully service their clients. Our incentives are production based, and allow agents to receive discounts on direct mail, marketing allowances, and our annual all-inclusive Elite Producers trip.

How do you Support your Agents?
Our main goal is to assist our agents so they may continue to service their current clients as well as find new ones. ASPECT Management provides:

  • Quotes for all product types
  • Training
  • Issue resolution whether product, application, or commission related

Our support team is amongst the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry, and capable of tailoring the support to an individual agent’s needs.

How do you solve agent issues?
At ASPECT Management our goal is to help you sell more and not waste time chasing down issues with carriers. You have a problem, give it to us – it does not matter what it is, we will work for you to resolve issues. We will apply our expertise to resolve issues with pending applications, commissions, client claims, and more for you so that you can be out in the field seeing more clients and selling more.

How do you help agents with leads?
Every agent does business differently so ONE lead solution will not work for everyone. At ASPECT Management we have developed a suite of lead programs to work with the way you do business. We have lead co-op programs and marketing allowances to help pay for your lead system – the more you write the more assistance you receive.

What’s required to work with ASPECT Management?
ASPECT Management only works with independent agents and we have no minimum requirements to be part of our Incentive and Lead programs. Some of our agents only have one or two products with ASPECT Management while others have all their products through ASPECT. It is entirely up to you. We have a full range of products for the senior market to fit your client’s needs – with the top agent commissions for all products.

How do I get started?
Pick up the phone and call us at 1.866.736.0130. Our licensing and support team stand ready to assist you with our complete line of senior related products. Independent agents, brokers, and full service agencies work with us every day to meet the needs of their clients.

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