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Integrity Partnership

The Integrity Effect

Our partnership with Integrity super-charges our business with world-class technology support. Through Integrity, we’re able to leverage a vast set of resources, including a world-class technology suite to better help our agents and their clients. Integrity isn’t just on the cutting edge of insurance technology—it’s leading the way. Developed by experts, our proprietary tools, resources and exclusive services help customize the insurance experience so agents can help customers find the right coverage and be prepared for the good days ahead. Exclusive data insights and market analysis to help agents create their own growth strategy. Integrity’s innovative technology includes:

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  • When I became an independent agent in 2001, I needed an organization that provided the products and support in one location. In 2005, I found a marketing organization that could provide me with these resources - ASPECT Management. Not only have Graham and Ava Miller helped me build a successful business, they have become great friends, too. I encourage you to you to contact them to build your business.

    Gary Morefield North Carolina
  • With 30 years in the insurance business, we have worked with our share of FMOs and had some very good business and personal relationships with more than a few. Without reservation, we can say we have never dealt with anyone in the business who has treated us as well in every sense of the word as ASPECT Management. We know we can always count on them when it comes to crunch time. We are never left waiting for answers. Thank you so much for everything you do!

    Tom and Tricia Dyar South Carolina
  • ASPECT Management is by far the best FMO in the country. Always there to help when you need them. And the agent perks are above and beyond all others. I would highly recommend them.

    Jeff Gaskin Georgia
  • I have been working with ASPECT for close to a year now. They have not only met all of my expectations, but continuously exceed them. Everyone at ASPECT has been a pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to working with them for years to come.

    David Duncan Kentucky
  • ASPECT Management was the first marketing firm I joined back when I started in the senior market. Here it is 15 years later and I am still happy with the service they provide. They are always willing to answer my questions and when an issue does arise they handle it efficiently. They keep me up to date on new products and help make AEP a breeze. This is seriously my favorite group that I work with.

    Laurie Reece Tennessee
  • As an independent agent/agency, I have worked with up-lines for over 35 years. ASPECT Management is attentive, courteous and responsive to our requests/needs. I highly recommend working with the ASPECT Management team.

    Robert Gerczak Virginia
  • I have been working with ASPECT Management for over a decade. From my introduction to the insurance industry and senior benefits sector, the ASPECT team has been proactive and helpful. Beginning with the education of products, industry changes and compliance, best practices, and assistance with my business as it has grown over the past decade.

    ASPECT continues to strengthen current relationships and build relationships with new carriers and their products, thus providing more opportunities for myself in assisting my clients and their needs. Support to my clients and to myself is critical as an agent out in the field. They continue to provide quick responses to questions and issues that may arise with clients and carriers.

    Karen Bell New York
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