The 7 Question Cross-Selling Roadmap

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Don’t chase the hard to reach fruit at the top of the tree, struggling with a ladder, when you could be filling your baskets with low-hanging fruit. If you’re not marketing additional products or services, cross-selling, to existing customers, you are missing out on easy to reach low-hanging fruit. To thrive and succeed in today’s competitive environment, you need to incorporate cross-selling strategies to reap the full benefits of your hard-won customers. Cross-selling is all about add-ons to a client’s purchase; it happens when you sell additional, complementary products to a consumer who is already making a purchase. It’s easy to start cross-selling when you ask these 7 questions from our cross-selling roadmap.

Some Cross-Selling Questions

  1. Have You Filed Any Claims in the Last 2 Years?

If your client doesn’t have to pass any health questions, for example, they are turning 65, it’s open enrollment, and they can get a Medicare Supplement Plan, this is still a question that you want to ask because the answer will tell you what your cross-selling options are. You might find out that your potential client has a condition that automatically disqualifies them for another product. This information will save you time later from exploring a product for which they won’t qualify. The answer also gives you a great starting point for understanding their health.

  1. Which Parts of Medicare do You Already Have?

Does your client have a Part D plan, is there an employer involved, are they a veteran? This seemingly simple question uncovers a lot of information. You’ll be able to determine when they started Medicare and how to move forward with the rest of your consultation. Learn whether or not they have started their Part B, and if they haven’t why not. Depending on their answers, help your client determine if switching to a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Supplement Plan could be a good option.

  1. Do you carry a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan?

The answer to this question has the possibility of sending you in different directions. If they’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan, there are certain times of the year that you can switch plans, schedule a review before AEP to determine if the client could be on a plan that fits their needs better. If they’re in a Medicare Supplement Plan, determine if they are healthy enough to switch to a lower premium plan.

  1. What Plan and Company Do You Currently Have?

There is a range of plans and companies that your client might be using for their health insurance. It’s important that you find out what plan and company they have to know how best to serve them. Determine when they got the plan, why they decided on that particular plan, and how much the plan costs. These answers will let you know whether or not they are getting a good deal. If you discover they are paying more than they need to, you can offer them a more competitive option. ASPECT Management has an incredible offering of insurance carriers and products to choose from.

  1. Do You Have a Family History of Cancer?

Anyone who has seen a family member with cancer understands the financial costs associated with it. Asking about a family history makes discussing cancer insurance feel much more personal. Depending on their answer you might suggest packaging a cancer plan with a Medicare Supplement plan, or, if they don’t need a Medicare Supplement plan, simply adding a cancer plan to their other coverage.

  1. Have You Had a Family Member Go Into a Nursing Home or Use Home Health Care?

Only a small sliver of the population, about 5%, have long-term care, yet paying for a nursing home or home health care are serious financial concerns for many people. If your client has had first-hand experience with either of these situations, they hopefully have an idea of how much it costs. You can use their experience to cross-sell a long-term or short-term care policy. If they haven’t had experience with either of these situations, then you will need to create the need in your presentation.

  1. Do You Currently Carry Any Life Insurance and Are You Still Paying a Premium on it?

While it sounds like a two-part question, it’s important that you phrase it all together. Simply asking if a client has life insurance is likely to get a yes response and a desire to move on to the next question. When you pair the question with “are you still paying a premium on it” then the conversation changes. Your client will likely ask if they should still be paying a premium, and you’ll be able to ask important follow-up questions to get the details you need. Questions like: What is your premium, what is the death benefit, and what is the cash value. If they don’t have a life insurance policy, you will know you have a need to fill there as well. Depending on your clients’ answers, other follow up could include asking if they have made any arrangements to take care of final expenses.

Your cross-selling roadmap opens up your entire portfolio for your customer. Asking the right questions uncovers all of your clients’ needs, letting you know which products and services will best suit them. As the senior market specialist, ASPECT Management has an incredible offering of insurance carriers and products to help you better serve your clients. Contact ASPECT Management today to see what makes us different!

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